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I'm working on a paper for my YA Lit class and I'd like some answers to these questions regarding the views of people on young adult literature and writing. I figured I'd post here and see if I got any responses.

Most of you classify yourselves as young adult, or you enjoy young adult literature or you role-play. All of these are forms of creative writing, however I would like your opinions on what classifies writing as young adult. Even if you're forty years old, I want your opinion!

You don't have to answer all the questions. :P These are just guides. If you think of something else, please add it! I want your thoughts!


-List of questions-

*What is YA lit to you? How do you define it?

*Do you consider yourself a young adult? (Give a general age range or your actual age. Either helps.)

*What age range encompasses YA?

*At what age is it appropriate to read YA and what age is it not appropriate?

*How would you divide age ranges within YA literature? (Do you think a nine year old should be able to read Battle Royale or Twilight?)

*What books come to mind are YA? What examples come to mind that are not?

*What makes a YA book a YA book? What "rules" are there to writing for YA as compared to adults or young children? What thing/idea/whatever defines what makes a YA book? Are there common themes among all YA novels?

*What do you enjoy about YA books/writing? (This includes RPing)

*When it comes to YA writing, do you prefer a specific genre? (Fantasy, scifi, mystery, horror, etc.)

*How important are these stories to you? How important were they to you when growing up? What are some favorite YA stories from your younger days and why?

*List things that you believe are NOT appropriate to be present in YA novels.

*Do you think the YA audience of today is radically different from that of ten years ago? Twenty years ago? How? How do you think the genre of YA will change in the future?

*Does this age of technology and the internet change perceptions on what is put in books? Is the lack of censorship online and in media effectively changing the literature we allow young readers to interact with? Are you okay with these changes?

*What is your favorite YA novel?

*If you RP or write, can you give examples? (What kind of plots are your favorite/what is your style of writing and what characters do you enjoy using?) Do you think your choice of characters and plot could be considered YA? Are you YA and writing YA stories or are you an adult who enjoys writing YA or are you a YA just reading YA?

*What is your opinion on the fact that it is ADULT authors writing literature meant for YA audiences? Does this make the writing less meaningful and somehow "sullied" because the person writing is not a young adult? Do you feel duped?

*Can adults effectively write YA and connect to a reader even though they themselves are past that stage in their lives? Depending on their age, they could have been a teen thirty years prior to their book. Do you think their views of teen life and experiences are too old to accurately represent a good YA novel to the current generation?


Is there anything else you'd like to add/point out?


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